Therapy for trauma and abuse in Coral Springs, Florida

Welcome! If you've been dealing with the effects of trauma and or abuse, I'd like to make deciding on whether to see me for therapy as easy as possible. This website is packed with information, but I get it. You might want to get more of a feel than you can get from just reading. Feel free to call me or email me with your questions, I'd love to hear from you. - Rinda Rosenberg, LMHC

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Break free from the effects of trauma and abuse

You’ve been through bad times and you feel stuck dealing with things like distressing feelings, disturbing memories, feeling of on guard or unsafe. You know its a different time now. You know how great it would be to move on. But, it doesn’t go away. Sometimes you wonder maybe something is so wrong with you that it can’t be changed.

I specialize in clearing issues caused by trauma, particularly trauma brought on by someone else, like sexual assault, rape, childhood molestation, abuse and neglect. My name is Rinda Rosenberg, LMHC, am a licensed psychotherapist and Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) Master Practitioner/Associate Trainer located in Coral Springs, Florida.

I know you can move past a painful past, and you’re going to love what I can do to make that happen.

Fast, lasting and pain-free therapy

Rapid Resolution Therapy is fast, effective, gentle, yet powerful. What’s been so challenging for you is much of what’s been causing you turmoil has not been going on in your conscious awareness. If it were, it’d be easier to get more of a foothold. But, how can you be expected to change anything that is going on outside of your conscious awareness?


What’s been in your way up to now is that the root causes of problems have been out of reach. You may have pulled out big, ugly weeds, but if roots remain alive and well underground they’re still going to cause problems. These roots actually come from brain’s priority to keep you safe. Sometimes, when there’s been a painful or disturbing situation, deeper parts of the mind gets reactive - and then continues to react as if the event is still happening - even if what happened has been long forgotten. On a deeper level, mind has become preoccupied with that past threat, even when it interferes with what’s going on currently. This is when how you respond, feel or think is different than how you want to.


Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) does not require you to experience pain, relive past events or do a deep dive into what’s gone wrong. Instead, the whole mind, including the emotional part of the mind (the part that doesn’t respond to logic and reason), is engaged in experiences designed to clear overactive responses.

Most trauma treatments involve only the conscious, logical parts of the mind. The idea is that talking about your trauma, or concentrating on where your fears are coming from is supposed to change your thought patterns. I see this as working from the outside in. This not only can take a long time, it can be painful. You have to go through the torture of revisiting what happened over and over again. No wonder so many people avoid treatment or drop out!

RRT prevents retraumatization by engaging parts of mind that causes emotions, sensations and thoughts and updating them. The processes you will be guided through correct the survival mode “programming” that has been stuck “on.” The roots that resulted from trauma and inner conflict disappear. How you think, feel and react update naturally and automatically. When you are no longer unnecessarily using up a ton energy in survival mode, you’ll find you have much more to put towards what you want.

RRT is short-term treatment. Any one session is intended to be significant, with lasting results. Some issues can be cleared up in one session. Most clients participate in 1 to 5 sessions. Sometimes the results are experienced as immediate, sometimes you’ll notice changes over a short period of time. My number one priority is that you are satisfied with your results. I will make sure you get relief, or I don’t want your money.

When the roots of problem are cleared away, mind is no longer reacting as if there’s a threat when there is no threat. When not using up resources in “survival” mode, mind naturally and automatically focuses on maintenance, repair and … thriving. You’ll feel your best and live your best, in sync.

I know you can break free from what you’ve been dealing with. It would be my pleasure to get you there!

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“I tried different therapies/therapists to alleviate these issues…none of these approaches seemed to work for more than a few weeks…just a few sessions with Rinda freed me from these.”

“It helped so much…so much has been accomplished that I had been anxious about for years.”

“Definitely not what I thought it was going to be. Rinda was absolutely AMAZING!”

“Rinda genuinely cares about my well being and state of mind. She provided me with the necessary tools to change my thinking, which in turn has brought some clarity and peace into my life. I am so grateful for her!”

*client names omitted to protect confidentiality